Happy Moo Year!

I know my sentiment is a tad tardy but I gave a lesson on the Asian Zodiac last night and that reminded me. This is the Year of the Ox (and if you click that link, you'll find yourself transported back to a blog entry of mine from the Boar year.) NOTE: this picture is taken from Shiogama station & I see it every day on my way to work.

Since I was in Canada, I didn't get a chance to send any New Years Cards and I only received 3 this year. But they were very much appreciated (THANX to Michiko, Kayako & Hisako!)

My favourite comics blogger, Bully, has mentioned one of my favourite Bugs Bunny cartoons and I think I'll scam his YouTube suggestion for myself!

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Bully said...

Happy New Year! As Mama Bull used to tell me, every year is the Year of the Little Stuffed Ox!


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