Birthday Boy Bash!

I still haven't caught up my blogging about my Christmas vacation, so here are a few pics of my Birthday Party on Dec 27th with some special appearances by former Curtain Callers, John, Donna, Karen & Paul!

We had a blast singing Karaoke, Japanese style! (A bunch of friends gather around a TV screen and sing their hearts out. Unlike the North American style of standing on stage in front of 100 drunken bar patrons who either cheer or jeer you.) Highlights included Karen, John & Paul singing "Paradise by the Dashboard Light", Karen belting out "These Feet are made for Walking", Karen & I attempting "Summer Loving", or Karen singing anything! She still got it after all these years. Brother Mark sang a nifty adlib version of "Leroy Brown" subbing Michael Jones for the eponymous LB, Phil's mom & pop crooned some tunes older than my usual repetoire, Phil gave a very awesome rendition of a song whose title eludes me, Donna "Left Her Heart in SF" & a solo-Beardsley contributed many a tune while his wife went "Over the Rainbow"!

This is the archaic system for presenting the tunes up on the screen. Compared to Japan's high-tech video-synched mega-tune experience, we now know how the cavemen performed their ritualistic warblings.

Everyone received a loot bag prompting a squeal of delight from each guest. They got a Felix gum, a manga choco, my commemorative cd, a few handwarmers, a Star Wars Bearbrick, a Ponyo fridge magnet and a KitKat!

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