Let It Snow!

Canada lived up to its reputation as a cold nation with bizarre blizzards in Vancouver & Victoria almost stranding me out West, but fortunately I caught the last plane eastward before the Vancouver airport shut down. Toronto had its fair share of snow upon arrival with several centimetres accumulated when I arrived plus several more over the next few days. I really wish my Discount rented car was equipped with a snow brush! (Cheap buggers!)

Thanx to host Phil for the initial shoveling but the next day, I got out & shoveled at 6:00am thanks to a bout of jet lagged-induced insomnia (which reoccurred every day at 6:00am!) I made this little guy on Christmas Eve morn just before it started to rain!

The weather actually got up to 10℃ some days until my last 2 days when it snowed again and reached -14℃ on New Year's Eve! No problem flying out the next day though...

Enough with the weather reports...Next up: Christmas at the Stephens' household! Somehow, my shaky cam took this funky pic! One of my favourites!

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