Pita Pan!

I thought I'd take a break from talking about
ドロシー or アリス that I've done in the past and present the 3rd of Alan Moore's Lost Girls,
ウェンディ. (For those not up on their katakana, that's Dorothy, Alice & Wendy from Oz, Wonderland & Neverland respectively.)

You are all familiar with the story from either the original J.M. Barrie novel, the '53 Disney toon, Mary Martin on stage or even the embarrassing Hook. But over here, Peter Pan is best known by a Bandai series
ピーターパン and the adaptation as follows...

The best thing about this book are the Hook, Peter Pan & Tinkerbell fridge magnets that come attached to the book!

Here's the theme song to the anime:

BTW, the title post is a joke that I make whenever I eat Pita Bread (パン = pan = bread).

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