Happy Gnu Year!

I surfed the news today (oh boy), and discovered that it is officially the Year of the Ox according to the Chinese calendar. Since I've already used Happy Moo Year, my wildebeestian greeting is just the thing. Though we may be in the midst of a recession, according to this article, "The ox is typically hardworking, a born leader, and can overcome hardship so I encourage everyone to have the spirit of ox." Unless of course, you are this guy who is a bit of an oxymoron!

Enough of that, thanks to my handy-dandy pals at about Japanese, here are some useful phrases about our ungulate friends.

牛に引かれて善光寺参り (Ushi ni hikarete zenkouji mairi) to be led to do good by some fortuitous occurrence.
牛飲馬食 (Gyuuin bashoku) heavy eating and drinking.
角を矯めて牛を殺す (Tsuno o tamete ushi o korosu) The solution is worse than the problem. You shouldn't burn a house to roast a pig.
牛耳を執る (Gyuuji o toru) to take the lead; to control.
牛は牛づれ馬は馬づれ (Ushi wa ushizure uma wa umazure) Birds of a feather flock together.
鶏口となるも牛後となるなかれ (Keikou to naru mo gyuugo to naru nakare) It is better to be a great noble than a petty monarch.
牛の歩みも千里 (Ushi no ayumi mo senri) Even at a snail’s pace, if you try hard, you will succeed in the end.
牛の一散 (Ushi no issan) somebody who is usually slow but suddenly decides to do something without much thought.
牛の小便と親の意見 (Ushi no shouben to oya no iken) too long and not useful or effective.

I happened to be at the Mediatech Centre today and checked out a couple of Gallery shows on the 5th floor. One was a photography exhibit by what appeared to me a med student and wasn't very interesting. Another was by a Mr. Suzuki, a high school teacher with a fetish for giant fish heads on mountains! Creepy but Cool!

Finally was an exhibit by LifeWork Exhibition Eleven, a wacky mix of paintings and giant origami! Some of the paintings were pretty cool, but the origami was amazing!

Best of all, you could scam a sheet in order to make your very own Robot Papercrafts!
Be sure to click on any of the pictures to make them BABE sized! Then maybe you can scam your own Robot too!

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