Have a Heart-Break!

My last news about KitKat had to do with the Japan Post/Nestle merger and they added a little quirk to the mix. For an extra 200¥, you get the stamp for the KitKat box plus two pre-stamped postcards.

In other KitKat news, I'm glad to report that Canada has jumped on the many-flavoured bandwagon and provide you with a special Dark Cocoa wafer! Wow, that makes two whole savoury concoctions. Regular and bitter. It puts Japan's meager output to shame.

Speaking of Japan's meager output, they've jumped the gun on Valentine's Day with a hearty concoction. Not only does it offer a lemony-tasting white chocolate that you can share with your loved one, but it allows you to write a message to your sweetheart on the interior of the box! I was whisked back to the mouth-watering memory of my mother's lemon meringue pie when I bit into one this morning! Whomsoever I deem worthy of sharing this is in for a surprise!

Here's a commercial where a young lass prays to the KitKat 神 (kami) for help on her test!

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