The Air Canada Centre.

Finally...The last of my Canada trip's belated entries (I hope.)

I had two opportunities to enter the hallowed grounds known as The Air Canada Centre when I was home. One time, my younger brother and a few of his pals saw The Tran-Siberian Orchestra in concert. A bizarre mix of Classical Music, Heavy Metal & Christmas Carols. I can't say I'd ever dream of going there on my own accord, but the Bro had scammed FREE 200$ tickets for Boxing Day, so how could I disappoint him?

Here's a taste of them:

I also had the opportunity to see the Leaves play against the Atlanta Thrashers (who?) and I'm happy to announce that they won that game. I haven't seen them play since the 60's at the venerated Maple Leaf Gardens (now an eyesore falling apart at the seams) and I must say I was delighted. Alex's father finagled a half-dozen tix for friends & family and I was able to treat my hotelier, Phil, to the game. Awesome seats, just a row from the Greys, another great score of 200$ tix!

Pavel Kabina scored 30 seconds into overtime (after they blew the lead)...very tense.

I took a few dozen photos of each event and I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one is which:

I will say one thing about the ACC though, it is incredibly difficult to find while it's under construction. We were a stone's throw away and had NO idea where the hell it was! Fortunately on Boxing Day the weather wasn't too terrible but on the 30th, it began snowing during the game and we inched our way home with no incident until I pulled up to Phil's street and skid into a snowbank.

Oh yeah, and after my brother dropped me off at Phil's, he got pulled over and questioned by a few of Metro's finest. He & his pals kind of stick out like a sore thumb in that neck of the woods!


NORI said...

I want see NHL!!!

Michael Jones said...

Don't YOU miss playing hockey...you're the faceoff king!


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