Baseball Bin Berry, Berry Good to Me.

Today's title is in honour of the immortal words of Chico Escuela (as portrayed by Garrett Morris.) Last week I had the pleasure of attending two Rakuten Golden Eagles games, the first was in the company of Rockin' Rob & two of his former students. The game itself was very disappointing and we were stuck up in the crappy seats, right below the bellows of the opposing Seibu Lions. Needless to say, we lost 8-4. Doh!

I did get to snap a few pics of the chicks who were attending their very first ball game (so even I could sound like an expert!)

Here we are with the giant prophylactics that they give out to be blown & released before the 7th inning stretch.

Since we lost the game, we had to drown our sorrows in cheap beer & karaoke...

...and Rob showed his prowess at belting out the Metal greats.

I purred out the Stray Cat Strut, while the felines clawed their approval.

The very next evening, I acquired some comp seats to the Eagles and though my companion (Dug) was not as cute as the lasses the night before, we managed to have a good time. We managed to win the game thanks to a couple of homers & 5 RBIs by フェルナンド・セギノール or Fernando Seguignol, 9-4!

But Dug & I weren't really paying all that much attention to the game, when we had Japanese gals in Cowboy outfits serving beer, etc.

After the game, we ended up at Ernies where we drank till the wee hours. I met up with Merry Michiko and our new American friend, Gabriella, who unfortunately has returned home by now.

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