The Shaft Echophonyk party was pretty awesome with over 200 showing up (though about 100 less than last year) and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

As you can see, my hopes of going as a Roman Emperor were rendered moot when I couldn't figure out how to tie a toga without help (but hey, one can always use a extra sheet.) Thus, I had to resort to a store-bought costume and I was torn between a Nun, Edward Scissorhands or a Generic Vampire. Until I espied Peter Parker's alter ego (at 30% off!) and a sale was made. As expected, parts of my body were bulging out in odd places but that was part of the appeal (and a grand incentive for me to start a diet!) I have Flikred a whole whack of photos of the gig, but for your amusement and my bemusement, here are some photos of the Ample Arachnid, the Stout Spider-man, the Wide Webspinner, the Please insert chubby adjective + Spidey-Sobriquet here and add them to the comments:

Of course this party was just a precursor to Saturday's Arkane Radar Halloween Party and Spidey used his amazing ability in order to chat up people and invite them to ClubDroom. (You'll have to wait until tomorrow for the results...)

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The Frog Queen said...

Looks like a fun time!!



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