A Post Post Post!

Since my last post was about the Post, this post is the post Post post!
Last week, I ordered some KitKat from Rakuten Foods and I received my loot yesterday. It was a wee expensive, but the packaging is wonderful and I should make a few recipients rather happy!

One of my students aided me in translating each box so I gave her a choice as to which one to open. She chose みそ風味 (miso fumi = smells like miso) from the 東海北陸 (Tokai Hokuriku) area of Japan. It did smell like miso, but certainly didn't taste much like it.

This is the only one I plan to open for the time being. I hope to open them all and mix and match the different ones before I seal them back up and send them out to some lucky recipients. I'll post the rest daily over the next week!

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