I Don't Like Mondays.

Tell me why. It's because I have 3 hours to kill in the middle of the day in downtown Sendai and I always end up window shopping. Unfortunately, I am incapable of doing anything with windows apart from defenestration, so I inevitably end up buying tons of crap. For example...

At the Convenience stores, they often have those "drop 500¥ and you get a chance at a really cool prize and often end up with a crappy one" deals. Well, these One Piece-Tony Chopper clear files & pens are not entirely crappy, but they aren't worth the 5 bucks.

On the other hand, the umbrella that I received certainly is! I hope it rains tomorrow so I can try it out. Alas, the forecast is for snow and no self-respecting Canadian can use a brolly in a blizzard, unlike the locals.

What I like about Valentine's Day here is that guys receive all the goodies but that usually means Chocolates. But other goodies include boxer shorts, such as these awesome Lupin ones. I pick up a pair annually since I have no significant other to supply me with them.

One of the bookstores in the city often has some toys on sale and last Monday was no exception. They regularly retail for 5-700¥ a pop and I got them for 200¥ each. Some of them are less than cool (such as this loser guitarist from Detroit Metal City) but the others all have a certain appeal. We have a Viking-esque プリキュアートのキュアバッション (Purikyu-art character named kyua-passion); a magician girl from Clamp in 3D; a lavender-haired Movable Trading Figure from Lycee; 6/12 characters from マガジン Weekly (Magazine Weekly's 50th Anniversary) including my favourite GeGeGe but no 009.

In that very same building, they happened to have a Used Book sale with 3 boxes of toys. I was pressed for time or I'm sure I'd have bought more, but I did get a few choice pieces such as a Robocop pencil; a Cyclops & Gatchaman keychain; a creepy looking GeGeGe figure; Mickey visiting Indiana's Cave; and a Darth Vader head that spins around when opened up reveals his bald, scarred David Prowse head!

I changed my mind...I do like Mondays!

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MJ - I gave you an award. Check it out when you get a chance: http://enterthemancave.blogspot.com/2010/02/best-blog-comments-award.html


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