Evangelion Toast.

(Sound it out: Evan Jelly on Toast...Evangelion...trust me it's hilarious.) You can't walk into a convenience store right now without being inundated with Evangelical images. Right now there's a "drop 500¥ to try to get a cool prize but end up with something crappy" draw right now that I'd participate in more fully if I were more interested, but I don't really know all that much about the E-Universe. This post card reflects what's up for grabs and then you'll see images from the Evangelion Binder & book. I love these binders and one day I may actually use them for something practical, but in the meantime, they are pretty cool looking items for only 390¥!

I've only purchased one of the aforementioned conbini-draw tix, and though I got one of the crappy presents, it's now become a favourite!

Speaking of Penguins, congrats to Canada's own Penguin, Sid the Kid for snapping in the Shoot-out win over Switzerland today! Phew!

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