Bound Of The Rings.

As you may have guessed, today's binder is of none other than LOTR which prior to today, I had never opened. I just did and I don't ever recall seeing the items that are supposed to be inserted into it but it is pretty nice nonetheless. The inside covers fold out into a Character Height Comparison Chart from Gollum (4'1") to Ent (17'4").

I'm surprised that I haven't posted more about LOTR than a brief mention on a previous Oscar post and a mini review of Toronto's LOTR Musical extravaganza. I saw The Two Towers in S.Korea back in the early Naughty-Noughties and the Hamburger joint, Lotteria, had a several promos (click that link for some) including these cardboard cutouts of TTT buildings.

Ya know if I can think of a CONTEST, these are light enough that I could send them out to some lucky fan. How about if you tell me which of these binders you like best and why, I'll send these along to you. Just commenting on any binder post from now until I'm done will qualify you. If you decide to become a follower, that'll earn you bonus points as well.

While I'm on the topic of Korea, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Kim Yu-na who skated to the James Bond theme. By coincidence, I saw the Korea-based Die Another Day while in Korea and it was more intriguing to watch the audience of SK than it was to watch the flick. Further mention should be made of the cherubic Mao Asada who is running a not-so-close second. Aww Heck, if she wins a medal, I'll throw in a MouseTrap (erm, Mao-strap) to the CONTEST winner as well! But extremely major kudos go out to Joannie Rochette's personal best considering she had lost her mom only 2 days before. Take care!!

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The Frog Queen said...

OOOHHH! Big LOR fan. They are all good!!



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