In The Can.

After receiving a power drink from the Graveyard yesterday, I was inspired to scan a whole bunch of other cans that I have collected over the years. My precious antique cans include a can of Samurai Apple Juice from Aomori.

This Warholian lemonade is almost too sour even for me. Yummy but it had a limited run and is nowhere to be found. I've noticed that all of the sour drinks that I enjoy tend to disappear shortly after I try them. Foul temptress!

I also have a few cans of ウルトラ・サイダー (Ultra-Cider) that are a bit too sugary for my palette but I suppose the kiddies are the target audience.

I don't know the difference between the Final Fantasy Elixir and the FF Potion, but then again I don't know the difference between FFs I-XIII either. The illustrations are awful purty though!

They are darned expensive though at 2 bucks a pop. At the supermarket yesterday, I discovered this Elixir that includes a figure. They normally retail for several hundred yen and this was only 168¥!

I haven't bought a lot of beer lately. I never drink alone and since no one visits me (Awww), I don't have much brew on hand, but I couldn't resist this 2-pack of Yebisu since I got a free deck of cards.

Speaking of beer, we haven't checked into Follower The Brew King in awhile. What's he been up to?

No big surprise there, he's enjoying a beer! I wonder if he's ever tried out a bit of Chocolate in his Hops? I'll have to ask him. (BTW, I know this is a bottle of beer and not a can...work with me here, folks.)

I don't know why Chopper would be a peach beverage, but I suppose there is little call for reindeer-flavour.

I don't drink much coffee, so you may Wonda why I bought this. Well, because it comes with a Lego-esque giraffe of course!

Speaking of coffee though, you have to admit that these Samurai covered コーヒー are pretty cool looking, eh!

My pride & joy though, has to be my several different GeGeGe-Gulps. You can only find them at Highway pitstops or in specialty shops at highly inflated prices. Fellow fan & friend Derek gave me about a dozen and adding these to the few I already own has amassed a few doubles, though they make a nice panoramic showcase, don't they? There are several different flavours, such as grape, lemon, apple and mixed drinks.

Be sure to click on the picture to view all its uncanny goodness!

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