What A Doraemon, Man!

It is really really cold today and snowing quite heavily (maybe the strongest I've seen in Sendai.) So rather than venturing out to the Matsushima Oyster Festival like I'd intended, I stayed home and tidied all day. I found a bag full of Doraemon Bottle-caps to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of his cinematic history (he's been around since '69) and this one features him in the midst of a snowball fight. Surprisingly, I have never seen one of his movies and I doubt if I'll start with this one but I do admire the longevity of the little robotic cat.
(As an aside, the last time I spoke of Doraemon was when he was in a Sumo match. Too bad he'll never be able to meet up with
Yokozuna Asashoryu in a match since he's retired.

Anyway, here are another bunch of caps for your viewing pleasure plus a cool strap I found somewhere and an Eco bag.


Shonen King said...

Doraemon is good, very good, you must watch....ha ha ha ha..and don't stop...

The wooden keychain is really cool.

Michael Jones said...

I'll check it out, it could be considered a Japanese lesson!


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