Shooting Pool.

So Snots player (and recent goalie), Mokugohan has proposed the guidelines for our Olympic Hockey Pool. Pick 6 players- 1 from each of the top 6 teams (Can, Rus, Swe, U.S. Czech & Fin) and 1 goalkeeper from any team (they get 2pts for a win).
Sounds easy enough. My choices are as follows:

Canadian Marc-André Fleury is my goaltender of choice. I'll be Fleurious if he doesn't win.
Joe Thornton is my other Canadian pick. Everyone else is choosing Sid the Kid, I thought I'd go for a Shark.
Peter Forsberg representing Sweden...if he gets injured in his first game, I change my pick.
Alexander Semin from Russia. I just want to hear his name announced over & over.
Jaromir Jagr Czech out this guy, makes me want to drink some Jagr-meister.
Chris Drury from the USA. I don't actually know much about him, but I did like it when Monty Python performed at Drury Lane!
I'll finish with Finnish, Teemu Selanne. I just love the sound of his name.

Buddy, BigBob chose Goalie Martin Brodeur (CAN) Sidney Crosby (CAN) Alex Ovechkin (RUS) Henrik Sedin (SWE) Partrick Kane (USA) Tomas Fleischmann (CZECH) Mikko Koivu (FIN)
There appears to be room for other Pool players, so JOIN NOW in the comments section!

In other Olympic news, it was great to see The Great One carry an Olympic torch (if only he'd carry a torch for me, he's so dreamy.) KD Lang may not be much to look at, but she has a great voice. Her lip-synching was not as obvious as the other performers either. Bryan Adams, song was horrid (I've never liked him since his production company ripped off a friend's boyfriend's song without compensation.) Fellow Brampton gal & granddaughter of Syl Apps, Gillian Apps seems in great form and I'm sure our Woman's team will skate away with the Gold. I wish had a chance to watch the entire opening ceremonies, if only to witness these gaffes

ps. My deepest sympathies to the friends & family of Luger Nodar Kumaritashvili. This tragedy has put a damper on the beginning of the procedings. Let's hope this is the last such incident.

Just in case, you think I've forgotten about the Toronto Maple Leafs, their new Goalie has already racked up a couple of shutouts. Alas, it's a tad too late for our boys to make the playoffs, yet again...

But I'm certainly not as pissed off as this guy!

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