We've only got 5 individuals lined up for the Olympic Hockey Pool so there's still a chance for you to get involved. Here's what's up so far...

Sendai Hockey Nuts Olympic Pool Picks:
BOB (in Toronto)
Sidney Crosby (Canada) / Alexander Ovechkin (Russia) / Henrik Sedin (Sweden)
Patrik Kane (USA) /Tomas Fleischmann (Czech) / Mikko Koivu (Fin)
GOALIE: Martin Brodeur (CAN)

MICHAEL (That's me!) (from Toronto area, in Sendai)
Joe Thorton (Canada) / Alexander Semin (Russia) / Peter Forsberg (Sweden)
Chris Drury (USA) / Jaromir Jagr (Czech) / Teemu Selanne (Fin)
GOALIE: Marc-Andre Fleury (CAN)

SIMON (Snots resident Flying Frenchman)
Dany Heatley (Canada) / Alexander Ovechkin (Russia) / Daniel Alfredsson (Sweden)
Patrik Kane (USA) / Tomas Plekanec (Czech) / Mikko Koivu (Finland)
GOALIE: Martin Brodeur (CAN)

JIMMY (Snots wily-veteran)
Rick Nash- (Canada) / Alexander Ovechkin (Russia) / Daniel Sedin (Sweden)
Zack Parise (USA) / Jaromir Jagr (Czech) / Saku Koivu (Finland)
GOALIE: Roberto Luongo (CAN)

ALEX (Snots Misfire Master)
Ryan Getlaf (Canada) / Sergei Gonchar (Russia) / Nicklas Backstrom (Sweden)
Phil Kessel (USA) / Tomas Kaberle (Czech) / Olli Jokinen (Finland)
GOALIE: Martin Brodeur (CAN)

Late Entry from Alex's Snots American teammate, ANDY
Marleau (Canada) - Pavelski (USA) - Selanne (Finland) - Koslov (Russia) - Michalek (Czech) - Murray (Sweden)
GOALIE: Nabakov (Russia)

There is some duplication, but it shouldn't affect the overall results too much. So if you'd like to join up now, send in your picks in the Comments section before Tuesday evening. I've been authorized to offer up a special Mix CD of DJ Mokugohan's to the ultimate winner!

In other Olympic news, Canada has won its first Gold thanks to アレクサンダー・ビロドウ (Alexandre Bilodeau) and a downhill Mogul (is there such a thing as an Uphill Mogul?)

Here's a much sexier Moguler,
Ms. 上村愛子 (Aiko Uemura):

I'm not impressed with Kazuhiro Kokubo bucking of the Dress Code at the Opening Ceremonies, but I am impressed with his snowboarding abilities. Since I have NEVER skied nor snowboarded, I couldn't tell you a good skier/boarder if one poled me but if there is ever an Olympic tray-bogganing event, I'm a shoo-in. Back in my University of Guelph days, we'd swipe the meal trays from the Cafeteria at Creelman Hall and sillily slide down the slopes. Ahh, the good old days. (Click that link for an old Curtain Call tune about Creelman!)

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