Oh, Behave!

Today is 建国記念の日or National Foundation Day so click on either of those links to find out more about it. Needless to say, while everyone else at work has a 4-day weekend, I have to work tomorrow at my out of town business lesson. Regardless, I've enjoyed a nice lazy day today watching Tom Selleck portray Jesse Stone. It's nice to see a whole lot of Canadian veterans making cameos as villains of the week, I can't wait to espy the next one.

The proudest and newest addition to my collection is this Davis Graveyard home brew from Halloweener & Follower, The Frog Queen who promised me one of her potions as a prize yonks ago (some prizes sat in her car for awhile but finally arrived to Japan Post last Friday, I got my paws on it yesterday.) I think I'll get off my arse and reciprocate the prize I promised her and a few fellow Followers this weekend.

I also got this funky frog.

And a pair of KitKats. She really has been following closely! It tastes rather strange, sort of a plain KitKatish flavour, not quite as exotic as the ones I'm used to.

I was interested to see that it's produced by HR Reese (a Hershey's subsidiary) and not by Nestle like its Japanese cousins are. Furthermore check out the calorie count 210 compared to a plain flavoured one from here which is only 96cal.

Speaking of sweet snacks, Pocky has an odd campaign going on right now with these Popteens such as Kumiko Funayama promoting what appears to be Nail-art on your pretzel stick either for decorative or edible reasons. It's called デコポッキ though I just cracked open a pack and they're just plain old chocolate sticks. Yawn!

If you want to see Kumiko ruin her face, check out this:

Other saltier comestibles include some Evangelion nachos or cheesies that include a little sticker. I have NO idea what it means, but it's now gracing my pc's hard-drive.

Lawsons has a push on One Piece stuff, I picked up some barbecue snack & karaage chicken balls.

But if I eat more of this stuff, I'll end up like this Fat Bastard!

I got these cheap at a Flea Market some time ago. Much more malleable than your usual Kubrick, they are fairly faithful representations. Ugly, but faithful!


The Frog Queen said...

Oh my, those Austin Powers characters are just cool! You collect the neatest stuff!!

Glad the drink finally made it to you! Enjoy!


Michael Jones said...

I have a couple of doubles. Would you like pimped out Austin or Fat Bastard?

The Frog Queen said...

Absolutely!!! :D


stella said...

okay seriously, i love Perfume lol i just watched that whole video because of the song haha "chocolaeeto disuko!"


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