Binder Whine.

I've decided to do a Binder week at MTYW. Yesterday was Evangelion, today is Yamato. I picked up this one today and for some reason, it's 100¥ cheaper than yesterday's binder. Maybe it's because it has no English translation but I think it could be due to the ample bosoms on the Evangelists, (Yamato girls are much skinnier.) Click the label at the bottom of the post to see more binders that have been previously featured and click this link on Yamato history to learn a bit about the Space Battleship and its predecessors.

I have one of these Battleships in my bathtub. Anyone want to come see it in person, (clothing optional?)


The Frog Queen said...

Great posts...I was supposed to be out in my garden this am....but instead I am here checking this out. Thanks so much! Lots and lots of fun.


Michael Jones said...

Better a binder than a bounder, I'm bound to bind all week.


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