Get Civilized!

Let's set the WABAC Machine way back to
古代の文明 or kodai no bunmei and look at today's binder after this brief segue.

There, that should set the tone, now this nifty historical epic checks out the olden days all over the world. Starting our worldwide tour with the dividing pages, we'll then continue the tour along a timeline and end with a few choice pages from the accompanying magazine with an intro to each section and culminating in the beginning of a glossary. Pretty cool stuff for 290¥ but until I master this wacky language, I fear I shan't be entering the Time Tunnel again anytime soon.

Speaking of Ancient Characters, Beer-brewing buddy Mark (above) is now officially older than Jack Benny! Happy Birthday!

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The Frog Queen said...

You always post the most facinating stuff!! :)



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