At A Theatre Near You.

We're finally getting some of the new releases over here. Tomorrow is the opening for アリス・イン・ワンダーランド or Alice in Wonderfuland (yet another Burton reimagining...I'm skeptical but intrigued.)

シャッター アイランド or Shutter Island came out yesterday, I hope to catch it next week. It reminds me of a classic Charlie McCarthy vs W.C. Fields bit.
W.C. Fields: "Quiet, Wormwood, or I'll whittle you into a venetian blind."
Charlie: "Ooh, that makes me shutter!"

Thanks to its Oscar nom, 第9地区 or District 9 was released here. I saw a bootleg copy, I may go see it on a big screen. Mmmm...Prawns!

Next week, we'll get ウルフマン or Wolfman. Sorry no WC but it has a wolf.

And finally, タイタンの戦い Clash of the Tit-ans! This has nothing to do with WC Fields or Titans, but it is a really old Anime!

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