Golden Godzilla Goodies!

Once again, Golden Week has come upon us and to celebrate I thought I'd showcase some of the cards I've collected over the years. First up are some of the scariest Monsters to ever take over Japan and then there'll be some Kaiju!

A heads-up to new Follower and old comrade, Nigel, whose
slowfoodfromjapan blog is a sweet read for those who want to learn about cooking Japanese cuisine.


The Frog Queen said...

That was a very scary post my friend....so they are still around? The girls, I mean, Gozilla never dies! :D

Thanks so much for sharing both videos made my morning!!


Michael Jones said...

They've been going strong for 12 years, constantly changing lineups with Graduations and Inductions of members annually! They've even started a branch in China! Un-freaking-believable!

The Frog Queen said...

Wow! Did not know that, ran across there stuff about 10 years ago...had no idea! Thought they were like a Spice Girl thing. Definately going to check that our...China now too? Additional line up, or the same girls?



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