After checking out my Woodstock magnets, pal Alex has asked me if he could have them for his new students. He is now an official Homeroom teacher and needs lots of positive polarity to attach stuff to the blackboard. I've promised him some, but I wonder if he'd be interested in some of the other ones I've got hanging around the apartment?

Some are from around my desk, others from my front metallic door. Even others have been pulled off my fridge and now I realize how filthy it is! Since I don't have any kids, I won't be pinning up any of their artwork anytime soon, so some of them could be donated to this worthy cause. But they do have their purpose for they've been holding up a few New Year's Cards & Birth Announcements of 楓・クレラ・ハットン (Kaede Clara Hutton) better known as Mokugohan-spawn.

Prying them from their perch, the magnet on some of them (such as this Calcifer from ハウルの動く城 or Howl's Moving Castle) has come unglued from its backing. I'm going to have to break out the crazy glue!

I don't think he'd want this picture of me as a clown from way back in the 70s! Or this pic of a pal of mine from Teacher's College taken in the frozen tundra known as Peterborough.

I know Alex would like these Star Wars ones for he's a bigger SW-Geek than I am, but they were pretty expensive.

Maybe I could part with these SW-Holograms, but the magnets are not very powerful.

I've had these Dinosaur ones since the last Ice Age. They're a little worse for wear, so I think I'll hang on to them.

These Incredibles magnets are very powerful and are very handy for hanging stuff from their arms. Unfortunately, half of the magnets have come off and need regluing (sp?).

Three of these are decades old & from Canada, two of them are recent Capsule captures. Can you guess which are which?

Some Kitty-chan & Panda paperclips. Too practical to give away.

I can't part with these Simpsons magnetic stickers! They are still sealed in their packaging and I'm still holding out on the chance that I might get the missing Maggie someday...

These hanging Spideys are pretty cool but they adorn my blinds, so they're out.

These flat bendable ET, Kitty-chan, Spidey & Beckham (why the hell do I have him?) are quite nice. He can have the Beckhams though.

He could probably have a couple of these Ultraman & miscellaneous mini-magnets cuz I have a few doubles.

It looks like the only ones I can spare will be the sushi, grapes and generic Happy Faces (not even Watchmen though!) I hope you like them!

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The Frog Queen said...

In LOVE with the Calcifer magnet!! That is very cool!



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