Happy Oestre Everyone!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought me!

As you can see, I received a few chocolate eggs with some prehistoric treats inside!

I got a トリケラトプス骨格 (Triceratops skeleton)

an イグアノドン (Iguanodon)

an アマルガサウルス (Amargasaurus of which I'm fairly unfamiliar)

and the Secret one, a ティラノサウルス骨格 (Tyrannosaurus skeletal skull!)

There are another 8 of these to collect, but they're a tad difficult to track down. (Be sure to click on any pic to Titanosaurus-ize them.)

Furuta also produced several creatures such as this

アカテガニ (Akate-Kani or Red Crab)

and a ニホントカゲ (Nihon-Tokage or Japanese Skink.)

I wonder what the Bunny will bring me next year?

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The Frog Queen said...

Cool eggs! How fun -hope you have ad great holiday!



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