Shaun Of The Dead!

I've got mutton better to do, so I shall sheepishly bless ewe by ramming several pics of ひつじのショーン or Shaun the Sheep down your throat.

Before we get started, let's take a peak at a previous Wallace & Gromit entry and a pudding ad featuring Shaun.

Speaking of Wallace & Gromit though, did you know that they were once shills for a Life Insurance Co.? Well, they were.

Of course, Shaun also gets into the act of selling stuff at KFC. Some of the goodies include 2 different lunch bags, a facecloth & carrying case, 2 popsicle makers, an onigiri (riceball) maker, a portable drinking cup and a pencil case.

In addition to KFC, you can also get some snacks such as these cornflakes &
わたかし (candy floss.)

Here is what happens when Shaun gets Zombified!

Now aren't you glad I sheared that with you?


The Frog Queen said...

Love this!! Big Wallace & Gromit fan but I had never seen these! Thanks for sharing. You always have the coolest stuff!!


Michael Jones said...

Sometimes I think I post this stuff for your eyes only. I always know you'll appreciate it.


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