Pillow Talk!

This won't be a long discussion about the Rock Hudson/ Doris Day/ Tony Randall movie (interlude...)

...but rather some photos of the various cushions that I've amassed over the years, such as Totoro. Back when I used to be making some serious coin, I was addicted to UFO Catcher and would spend tons of time & cash acquiring lots of junk that, though cool, has little practical use except as dust collectors. One item that challenged me in particular was the ever-elusive pillow. It's size & bulkiness made it particularly tough to pick up, so I spent anywhere from 200 to 1500¥ to acquire just one. Yet when Star Wars mania struck, they were everywhere and I just had to get them all!

These leather ones were a bit tough to pick up so I only got three of them, but they are pretty cool in a Heavy Metallish way. (Be sure to click on any pic to Jabba-size them!)

I only got two of these due to their odd shape and inherent difficulty but as a wise one once said, "No. Try not. Do...or do not. There is no try..."

These smaller ones were a snap and I grabbed lots of them! I've given several away over the years, mostly doubles of these, Nightmare or Marvel but also some rather unique presents as well.

Some smaller headrests indended for air/train/bus travel are these Babe, Buzz or Anpanman cushions.

A friend gave me this one some years back that is quite comfy but not so easy to stuff in a backpack.

Some miscellaneous ones include Looney Tunes, Miffy and Gachapin.

Another favourite would have to be Lupin and I enjoy the irony of catching the master criminal!

I like to Jack every once in a while (hmm, that doesn't sound right) and so I've landed quite a few Nightmare Before Christmas pillows, though the big one in plastic was a recent acquisition via a Conbini draw and not UFO Caught.

My all time favourites have to be this trio of Super-Heroes, Cap, Spidey & the Canucklehead, Wolverine!

Since I'm housecleaning right now, I decided to put them all in one place instead of scattered around like throw pillows. Two years ago, I did a post on my tribute to Geek-hood with a picture of a few pillows on my couch. Hmm, if I thought it was crowded before, look at it now!

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