St. George Vs The Jabberwocky.

Today is St. George's Day and the following will show you his story...

As for the Jabberwocky, I saw him slain by none other than Alice tonight at the cinema with pal, Hitomi. We both loved it and she really appreciated the copy of the Disney story I gave her as well as the Alice figures. (Click those two links to see Japanese adaptations of Wonderland & Looking Glass.)

They seem to be fairly faithful adaptations of the original tales, unlike Burton's extravaganza where Alice has aged just a tad. (We can't have Johnny Depp hitting on a 6-year old now, can we?) Unlike some of his reimaginings (Apes anyone?), this was stupendous! Sure, it'll piss off the purists but I ain't one of them.

(Warning: slight rant to follow...) The one quibble I have with the movie has nothing to do with the movie itself, but rather the cinema. Why the heck are all supposed kid's movies being shown only in Japanese these days? There were several showings in 2D on a tiny screen but only one show a day in 3D in English!! That wouldn't be so bad, for it's usually the last show of the evening but it is only shown at 2:30 pm!! WTF? Why do they bother inviting the director & Depp to Japan and then only show versions with their voices dubbed? Another example: I saw an ad for Toy Story 3 in English but when it comes to Sendai, we will only get a dubbed version. Up, Coraline, even frikkin Lightning-Percy were only dubbed! In order to see it in English, I'll have to go to Tokyo! (Rant finished.)

Anywho, I loved the movie and may go see it again on Thursday in 3D cuz it's cheaper on Men's Day and it's a holiday. What I think Japan excels at though is the marketing of Goods for it!! Here is a mini-catalogue of what's available.

I didn't buy any goodies this time around, but I did buy a nifty drinking cup with a Cheshire Cat straw holder! Appropriately, it's a bobble-head! There's another with The Mad Hatter...maybe I'll get that one later.

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