Another Anniversary!

I had the day off today (and several other days this month too, but that's another story) and the worst part is that I couldn't prank anyone. I ordered a new pair of glasses today and I did meet DJ Mixture, but pranking him is a waste of time. He's too easy to deceive, so it's a waste of energy. What isn't a joke is his Truffle event tomorrow. Check it out if you're in the neighbourhood.

Anyway, today is the 10th Anniversary of when I first set foot in Sendai! A decade ago before I left Tokyo, I pulled the best prank ever(tm) but I don't think I ever told the story of my first day in my newly adopted Metropolis. Pal Dion aided me in bringing all my belongings from Tokyo to my new residence in Saiwai-Cho and I pretty much dumped it all in the living room and then we went to a party at a new co-worker's birthday party who also lives in my new building. (By an odd coincidence, it's her birthday again today! お誕生日おめでとうございます、レンピー!) While there, Alex, Lempi her future hubby, some of their former students, Dion & I drank to excess and I tried Magic Mushrooms for the first time, believe it or not, they were legal in Japan back then!

As my new apartment was a floor below hers, she provided me with a little map and then Alex, Dion & I headed out to the entertainment capital of Sendai, Kokubuncho. I said that I'd like to find a place off the beaten path and sure enough we found a Snack Bar called "The Beaten Path!" We drank the night away and then went our separate ways, Dion & I catching a cab back to my place. The cabbie dropped us off at MY apartment building, but we had NO IDEA which one it was!

We wandered around aimlessly for 2 hours in vain seeking our goal to no avail. We wandered over to a 交番 (Mini-Cop-Shop) and the officers gave us directions which we followed to the letter. We arrived at the exact same spot at which the cab driver initially dropped us off. We were sobering up by this time, but were still a bit giddy, so we decided to play a few harmless pranks (technically it was now April 2nd, but still April Fools in our eyes) upon my new neighbours. We turned a few bikes upside down and then espied a Construction site. We proceeded to unscrew each of the flashing warning lights so that alternating lights were facing down.

The frigidity of the evening began to take its toll, so we wandered over to a 24-hour Family Restaurant (maybe ビックリドンキー Bikkuri Donkey = Surprised Donkey!?!) and drowned our woes in a bowl of Ramen. We explained our plight to the waitress and since it wasn't busy, she took us by the hand and accompanied us to my building and plunked us in front of my door on the 4th floor! That is Sendai hospitality for you!!!

Sorry for the trip down Memory Lane, I promise to get back to the wacky posts tomorrow!

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