Happy Earth Day To You,

Happy Earth Day to you, Happy Earth Day dear Planet, Happy Earth Day to you!

Let's Stamp out Global Warming (Cooling?) with some Godzilla stamps!
I have held on to these since I bought them from a vending machine at a Loblaws in the early 80s! At my last school, I used them on my students tests. If they got a good score, they got Godzilla or King Ghiddorah. If their score was poor, they got a Titanosaurus or Gabara (who looks like he has boobs!)
I've met 1/4 of my new students this week and they were a pretty nice bunch of pre-teens. I can't wait to utilize my stamps upon them!

Does anyone know if there are more to this set?

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The Frog Queen said...

Godzilla!!! After B&W old horror movies...I will watch the (original) Godzilla movies over and over and over. :)

Thanks for sharing. Hope you find out more about the set.



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