I'm Really Steamed, Boy!

I saw スチームボーイ Steamboy (by 大友克洋 = Otomo Katsuhiro, the director of Akira) when it first came out and though I didn't really understand much of what was going on, I did get caught up in the rich visuals. The other thing I got caught up in were the multitude of toys that came out with it. What steams me is when I don't complete a set...is there some psychological compulsion disorder where one must be a completist?

These mini-figures are very cool and the dull silver gleam adds to its SteamPunk charm. I have 15 of them, but I don't have the Secret one...so I don't have the entire set!

As you can see with this set, I'm missing one of them (the steam-hovercraft)!

I came late into collecting these ones, so I'm missing several. There are 12 of them and half of them are colourized, the other half are special Bronze versions, that really aren't all that special. As you can see, I need quite a few more. That's why I gave up.

I like these 5 figures, especially the Scarlett O'Hara one. Finally I got a full set!

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