I Don't Like Spiders & Snakes.

First off, poor Satipo expressed a lack of desire for tarantulas. I can't see why!
The following is quoted on this sketch by Dave Negron, "Satipo turns and reacts...at what he sees...2 tarantulas on Indy's back--Indy goes into shadows. Satipo is shocked as..."

In one of the "Behind the scenes", Spielberg yelled at the spider-wrangler that the 2 dozen tarantulas on his back looked fake, because they weren't moving. He replied, "that's because they are all male. When he added a female, they all started squirming about and Spielberg shouted, "Shoot, shoot!"

Here are two of the production memos concerning their hairy arachnid friends:

Of course Alfred Molina crossed paths with Spiders again...but that's another story!

Then, early on in the movie Indy expresses his distaste for snakes when he gets a python in the crotch. He'd meet up with other reptilian buddies later and vocalizes his ophidiphobia with "Snakes! Why'd it have to be snakes!" In Japanese, that translates as, "ヘビだ よりによって ヘビがいる。" ("Hebi da, yori ni yotte, hebi ga iru.")

Sallah gets into the act with a quote that John Rhys Davies claims that he's constantly berated with, "Asps, very dangerous. You go first."

Now picture Indy and Marion singing this as a duet as they are barraged with a ton of writhing reptiles:

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The Frog Queen said...

Did not know that about tarantulas...and did not need to. :D

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