Moses & The Ark.

This premake is really well done!

Let's take a look at some of the face of God effects.

You can't find a good copy of the FX here without some ninny putting in dorky music. At least this one featured a rather odd choice in Tiny Tim!

Speaking of religious artifacts, there's a new Priest in town! I have successfully reentered the world of performing Wedding ceremonies! Here I am in Kitakami and the couple was a Yankee Boy, his betrothed and their pimped out vans!

Apart from the wedding, Kitakami station showcases a few funky paintings:

Today I ventured out to Morioka and snapped a few pictures of the chapel (the little statue of an Angel is covered in tiny little red spiders!), a cool Mask shop & a river-raven.

At the station itself is a cool mini horse-parade!


RIW said...

Very good post. I love the many pictures.

Michael Jones said...

Cheers. More to come...


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