Indy...Don't Lego!

I may be misremembering here, but I seem to recall that when Marion was dangling over a pit of snakes, she yelled something akin to "Indy, don't let go!" Therefore, this post will honour that request with a bunch of Indiana Lego Jones youtubers interspersed with some photos of Lego stuff that I photographed last week when I popped into a Toys L Us (Toys R Us in Japanese.)

This is also a headsup to my 20th Follower, EyeJustMadeItUp who does a whole bunch of funky stuff with Lego and appears to like Godzilla as well. A man after my own heart.

Just curious, can one find Ninjago outside of Japan? It looks pretty awesome!

So cute, eh!
Okay, this one isn't with Lego, but it is pretty funky.

These Lego figures are so awesome, they come in a "Gatcha-Capsule" but at 300¥ a pop, they are a bit steep to take a risk at getting a crappy one.

I would definitely love this Frankenstein one though!

Here are some more movies (though not without some Lego or Ningajo commercial breaks.)

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flailx said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention! Gotta love LEGO! And Indy!


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