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While leafing through my Raiders' mag, I noticed an advert for the
レイダース/失われた聖櫃アーク) オリジナル・サウンドトラック (Raiders of the Lost Ark Original Soundtrack.) My copy is sitting in a locker in Ontario (I brought over Star Wars & Jedi but I have yet to haul all my records to this side of the pond.)

Here are the tracks:

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
2. Flight from Peru
3. The Map Room: Dawn
4. The Basket Game
5. The Well of the Souls
6. Desert Chase
7. Marion's Theme
8. The Miracle of the Ark
9. The Raiders March
1. レイダース
2. ペルーからの飛行
3. マップ・ルーム、夜明け
4. バスケット・ボール
5. 霊魂の井戸
6. 砂漠の追跡
7. マリオンのテーマ
8. 聖櫃の奇跡
9. レイダース・マーチ

It just so happens that my co-conspirator, Dave Lowe, in this Blogathon posted a copy of the vinyl version on his blog recently.

But did you ever see the cassette?

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