The Enemy of Earth.

For no particular reason (let's just say it's because it's June 1st, this issue is a June issue and Action #1 was also a June issue), I thought I'd show off this issue of Superman that I bought a while back. I'd previously shown all the ads from this book and for a 114 page magazine sold for under 3 bucks, that's surprisingly few adverts.

In addition to the lead story, there's also a New Wonder Woman tale from her costumeless era & a WW pin-up page, a continuation of a Supergirl story, a classic from Supe's/Lois Lane's past, "The Three Wives of Superman" and a "Private Life of Clark Kent" story in English only (all others have been translated into Japanese.)

I may show those at a later date, but for now, here is "The Enemy of Earth" written by デニー・オニール, with art by カート・スワン & マーフィ・アンダーソン. (Denny O'Neil, Curt Swan & Murphy Anderson.) I guess to defray the cost of ink, halfway through the first story, it goes from a colourful tale to a monochrome one.

Dagnabbit, Blogspot is only letting me download one of these pics at a time and even then there's no guarantee it goes through. It's way past my bedtime, so I'll have to finish this in the morning.

Addendum: Blogger was still slow, so here are a few more pages. I skipped several pages of Superman fighting some Mexican Banditos & Giant Ants yet I threw in as many Sanded Superman pages as I could. I've also included the original covers, I think the Japanese went with the right one here.

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