Raiders March.

Is there a more iconic theme than this one? (Of course that can be said of any of John Williams' body of work.)

A few years back, I used to play a game at Kirin Sports called Indiaca. It's sort of a mutated hybrid of volleyball & badminton undoubtedly imported to Japan from Brazil. I was particularly good at it because in such a confined space, there was very little running to be done. I'd often get on a serving roll and knock a few out of the park, so to speak. When this occurred, I'd start humming the Raiders theme and I'd call myself Indiaca Jones!

In my lessons, whenever I need to teach the term bravery, I "da da daa daaa, da da daa" and charge forward courageously.

Speaking of brave, check out this wee lass on the エレクトーン演奏 (Electone.)

Who needs a full orchestra when you've got one of these?

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