Who The Heck Are These Guys?

Due to the imperfections of translating from Japanese to English, I was unable to discern who the artist was for the following. I believe these were costume designs but the name of the artist involved is not Deborah Nadoolman (wife of John Landis btw) but appears to be ケリー・キンボール which can either be Kerry Kimbor or Kelly Kimball or something like that.

I scammed these from an interview with Deborah and they look like the same artist as above drew them.

Yay, mystery solved. Deborah was in fact the designer but Kelly Kimball was the illustrator.

Next problem is デーブ・ネグロン which is probably Dave Negron but he doesn't show up in any cast/crew list either. (Found him listed as a Sketch Artist.) Nice sketches though.

My next mystery artist was マイケル・ロイド Michael Lloyd but I found him listed as well as a Production Artist.

This guy in Japanese is called ドン・コッブ (Don Cobb) but there is only a Ron Cobb listed so it's probably a typo.

These were most of the goodies I cobbled together from the magazine. I wonder if there was a similar English version? Can anyone help me out here?

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