This is a rather strange mashup: Indiana Jones vs. Godzilla. Apparently I'm not the first to imagine this team-up and my favourite of the bunch can be found on the Screamsheet. Not that I could do any better, but don't waste your time on the YouTube version and the poem at that link is rather odd and begat some odd fan-fiction as well.

I have a far better crossover in mind for tomorrow night but for now, here is the inspiration for today's Monster-Mashup. It may be the first time Indy & Gojira ever showed up on the same page and it took place in the 1984 pamphlet of インディ・ジョーンズ/魔宮の伝説(インディ・ジョーンズ/まきゅうのでんせつ、Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).


The Frog Queen said...

Godzilla and Indy! Too cool!


Michael Jones said...

Just wait! It gets even better tonight!


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