It's Rather Sketchy.

I've gone through my handy-dandy book of Raiders goodies and snapped a pic of all of the different sketches, storyboards & artwork. Then tonight I just finished watching the Bonus material from the 2003 boxed set and several of those pictures are duplicated but I've added them to the mix as well. I've retained as much Japanese as possible so my vast Nihongo-reading public can get the gist as well.

First up, let's start with スピルバーグ=Spielberg's little hand-drawn sketches he used for storyboarding. Some are quite cute!

Next up is a favourite of mine from his Nick Fury days, ジム・ステレンコ=Jim Steranko. As you can see several of his pulpy paintings were used, though he went uncredited in the movie! Click his name for the originals and check out the following pics from the mag & dvd, some duplicates will appear!

Two other designers who went uncredited were William Stout and the late Dave Stevens. I sent a Facebook message to Mr. Stout and he replied that he & Dave worked on the Nazi truck sequence. I wonder if any of their storyboards show up here?

Bedtime now, so more artwork tomorrow!

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