Ontario Jones.

Everyone is familiar with Tom Selleck's audition for the role of Indiana Jones; that would've made a very different movie. Not everyone is aware though that another individual tried out for the role, one closer to home to me. None other than my elder brother, Mark, screen-tested for the role and he had the professorial side of Indy down pat. He was not quite as adept in the action scenes though and the only whip-cracking he's done is to keep his daughters in line. They insist on studying too much and he has to ensure that they take some time off!

By the way, Peter Howell, an entertainment writer for the Toronto Star reminds us that July 12th is the 30th anniversary of Raiders premiere in Toronto. I strongly suspect that we were in the same theatre based on his description of the queue and subsequent movie-going experience.

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Montgomery Slatkin said...


hola marion

I love your blog and all your great indyjones scans


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