You've Got Swag!

Back before there were Quakes & Tsunamis & Meltdowns, Oh My!, I requested a TMNT postcard from one of my followers, Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s fame and I miraculously received it on the Monday after the quake.

It now shares a space along side some Godzilla postcards & books.

Well today, I received some more swag from the aforementioned Brando and this time it's a few Cereal Killers trading cards. These are rather sweet and guaranteed to rot your teeth. I'm particularly fond of the Night of the Krispies Dead one (I personally would have called them Slice Krispies, but then I'm not one of the writers) and the Frosted Freeks (now why would they need to misspell Freaks? Some trademark issue with Tod Browning?) Hex are for Kids, Fiber the 13th is appropriate for NHL Playoff season (Go Canucks!) and Corn Pufftasm Cereal are all pretty tasty as well.

On the obverse of each card are your typical fun & games: puzzles, quizzes & profiles.

So in the best interests of Paying it Forward, I thought I'd give away those very same Godzilla postcards that I bought a decade ago!! (Sorry, but I won't be giving away these postcards, they're just too darned cool.) Here's a sneak peek of the ones up for grabs:

All you have to do to win one is to make a comment on this here blog entry and I'll send you a Postcard Post Haste. (I know I've made similar promises, but I think I can afford the stamp on a postcard right now. Yes, I'm referring to you FQ, be patient.) It'd be awful nice of you to advertise this little ol' Blog o' mine on your site as well. I haven't gained a new follower in over a year!

It's out of this world!


Shawn Robare said...

I'm certainly going to throw my name in the hat.

Michael Jones said...

Considering the hat was created with you in mind, I'm glad.


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