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Thanks to an uncooperative Blogspot, it took me all last night, early this morning and after work today to download all of those photos from my last post. Therefore this one will be low content, all of it scammed from a Japanese Tribute site called Indy Jones.jp. I'll roughly translate the Japanese for you, but some of them are beyond my capacity to do so. Any insight would be appreciated.

The first one is fairly well-known and easy to spot:
(1) スター・ウォーズからの引用。冒頭出てくる飛行機の登録番号がOB-CPO。OBはオビ・ワン ケノービで、CPOはC-3PO.
I think you can figure this one out for yourself. The call numbers on the side of Jock's (Frank Sorenson) plane who picks up Indy on the run from the Hovitos are OB-C30 an obvious nod to Obi Wan & C-3PO of Star Wars fame.

(2) スター・ウォーズからの引用。
If you look closely, you can see C-3PO & R2-D2 in the heiroglyphics circled.

(3) プロデューサーのフランク・マーシャルがカメオ出演。Producer Frank Marshall can be seen as the pilot of the Flying Wing that Indy sneaks aboard.

(4) 映画のタイトル、主人公のインディアナは、ジョージ・ルーカスが当時飼っていた犬の名前である。This has something to do with the fact that Indiana Jones was named after George Lucas's malamute mutt.

More trivia for later movies can be found at the same site here and there is a ton more trivia over at the IMDB page.

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Anonymous said...

chewbacca was based on the mutt, check translation.


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