My Dinner At Indy's.

I'd say one of the many reasons I disliked Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (apart from Kate's incessant screaming and Short Round's interminable whinging) had to be the racist meal served by the "Maharajah".

From the trivia:

*The "chilled monkey-brains" were made from custard and raspberry sauce.

*For the scene where Willie stirs up the soup and several eyeballs rise to the surface, Steven Spielberg said that this particular scene was notoriously difficult to shoot and it took many takes to get the result seen in the final film. The eyeballs were attached to the bottom of the soup bowl with stick-ups and Kate Capshaw was supposed to give the soup a good stir in order to un-stick the eyes so they could rise to the surface, but the stick-ups help pretty tight and for many takes, only one or two of the eyes would un-stick and rise to the surface.

I'm feeling a tad peckish now!

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