I'll Get You My Pretties!

When in Akihabara, the first thing I did is enter one of those massive shops where individual vendors rent a glass case and sell all kinds of goodies from within. I was looking for some obscure Godzilla stuff when I came across something I'd never seen before. Three figures from "The Wizard of Oz!" As soon as I espied them, I asked the Shopkeeper if he had any others...he didn't. So for the rest of the day I wandered the Otaku shops in vain, hoping for lightning to strike twice. I've since tried to track them down on Google but can't locate anything that quite matches them. I can only assume that there were at least a half-dozen characters but more likely a dozen. I won't tell you how much I spent in case someone out there wants to offer me a small fortune for them.


If anyone out in the blogosphere has any knowledge of this set, let me know!

In other Ozzy news, I also took a Wiz. I had a lot of time to kill one afternoon, so I labouriously leafed through the Movie Pamphlets and came across this little gem. Apart from some clips here and there, I've never seen this movie but I do like me some Nipsey Russell. I saw a DVD copy a while back but I'll wait until I see it a bit cheaper.

Meanwhile, check out some of the pics from the pamphlet:

Definitely going to track down that movie...

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Anonymous said...

I can provide you some info about those figures. They were originally packed in chocolate eggs as assembly kits. At least, that is what they looked like, I suppose that single piece versions were made (are the one's you got in multiple pieces?) they are based on this version of the book
If you have any further questions or which to contact me again (I have info on a lot of the other Japanese oz material you have blogged as well. Please contact me on the Royal Forum of Oz (or if you are not there, contact you friend at Hungry tiger and have him contact me) sincerely, Strasheela


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