A Maid Man.

I was rather exhausted by the time my last day arrived in Tokyo so rather than trek all over the city trying to find out where the Tubbo Sumo match was, I just stored my bags at the station, bought my train ticket and spent several hours wondering through the Otaku shops at Akihabara.

I didn't enter either of these cafes, though I was intrigued by the Gundam one.

I did need to have lunch somewhere though so I succombed to the charms of a Maiden and embarked into the world of the Maid Cafe.

It is worth doing once but only if you have some extra cash and a tolerance for saccharine sweetness. The gals were cute enough, I suppose, but not at all in a naughty way. One is not allowed to take photos within so I snapped these two from the wall of the loo.

I'm not sure if the cafe is supposed to be Maid Dreaming or Maid Reaming; if it's the latter, I was not privy to an extra show. What I did get was a petite lass with a fair knowledge of English who convinced me to stick around rather than hightail it out of there. Another gal served me my Omelet/Rice and drew a rabbit out of ketchup upon it, insisting I join her in a chant of, "Moe, Moe, Oishii-yo!" while we held our fingers in the shape of a heart. What gets me is that this place has its regulars who seem to eat this tripe up and ask for seconds. I was ready to leave when it was suggested that I remain in order to view a floor show. So another maid sang along to an AKB48 tune and did a little dance step. Pretty nasty stuff. I honestly can't figure out the appeal of this or any other similar place. Unless you're into that kind of thing.

As part of my meal set, I was permitted to have a snapshot taken with the maid of my choice and I was given a pic of a random maid. Good for a conversation piece at least!

Since I never maid made any progress with these gals, here a few of the ladies whose company I enjoyed!

That last one is of a headless blow-up doll (you can buy the heads separately) sold near the Maid Bar for those who don't get lucky!

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