It's Gomes vs. Gomez!

I popped over to Book-Off to see if I could pick up any DVD bargains (nada) and on my way out, I espied a sign beckoning "Manga Art Show". With naught else to do, I ventured up to the 8th floor of the Sakurano Building and sure enough there are several works of art on display. I know not whether these are fan-made or originals, but there are about 50 paintings/sketches of famous Manga-characters of which I was not allowed to photograph. I did take a picture of the entrance and there were a few other pieces that were okay to snap. (Note: only two more days before the display moves away.)

After that, I wandered down to the 6th floor and into the Otaku-corner and checked out a few of the high-ticket items were on sale. This Yoda and Ymir were slashed down to 300 bucks and this lifesize Terminator statue was down from 3000$ to a mere grand!

I did find a couple of Godzilla figures I don't recall owning so I didn't walk away empty handed.

I didn't recognize this character, he looks like the goofy Hillbilly cousin of Godzilla and for a buck, what the hey. When I got him home I discovered that it is ゴメス Gomesu, an Ultra-Q villain but I like him just the same. When I googled it, I got several pictures of the buck-fanged Kaiju and also some pics of someone named Selena Gomez. I think they make an attractive couple.

I prefer Gomes!

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