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I wanted to write a long diatribe about the centennial anniversary of Charles Addams' birth and have spent the night reading up on him and watching Youtubes about him. Alas, for some reason, Youtube isn't allowing me to embed anything, so here is a mashup of 3 animated tributes to his genius. Mr. & Mrs. J. Evil Scientist meet The Gruesomes meet The Creepleys.

Way back in 1994, BigBob & I were perusing the museums of NYC and happened upon an Addams display. I purchased a poster and somehow it ended up here in Japan, I must have brought it over at some time in the past. While tidying, I came across it and I think I'll post it upon my closet.

While I'm hawking birthdays, how about a headsup to Dr. Stephen Hawking who turns 70 today? (That's odd, I can embed this one?!?)

Finally, I shared my birthday with that dude JC and also with one of my coworkers. I gave him a Dragonball shotglass and he reciprocated today with this odd character. Is he an action figure from Deliverance?

Surprisingly enough, no. When one is making a CupNoodle, this little fellow is used to keep the lid down while the boiling water cooks the noodles. Pretty cool!

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