What Ho?

If you've wondered where I've been, I've had 4 days off and have not gone anywhere! Why haven't I been blogging with all that free time you might ask? Blame Jeeves & Wooster! I have just completed the 4th season (total episodes about 23) and in between, I have been tidying my room. Believe you me, I needed the 4 days due to extreme procrastination, laziness, *Triviador (Damn You, Facebook) and the aforementioned J&W. I'd seen most of these on PBS back when they first ran and had read all of Wodehouse's books prior to that but I just had to watch them again.

Here's a sample:

I'll be back in blogging action tomorrow with a box of goodies that I haven't seen in 6 years. Hopefully the New Year sales are still going on and I can get a new scanner, I'm sick of taking fuzzy photos of magazines.

You can start here if you'd like to jump on the J&W bandwagon:

ps. *Triviador has become a pain as well. Before December, I had worked my way into the top 1% all over the world! Then they reset everything and I had to inch my way to the top again and this time I only made it to the top 2% before they reset it. So I've lost a few of late and I was around 25% and climbing back. I just squeaked out another win so I'm now at a surprising 9%!

Thought I'd sneak in a bit from Fry & Laurie where they perform a magic trick. Very funny and very well done:

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