Quest For The Grail!

It was nice to wake up without a hangover and we watched a bit of チェブラーシカ Cheburashka to get me up to date on this Russian-talking, orange-loving little furball.

I wandered over to Omote-Sando to meet my old-time pals, Jae & Noriko Hamatsuka. We had a lovely lunch and caught up for a couple of hours. I had what was called and looked like a taco but tasted nothing like any taco I'd ever eaten!

We'd checked on ticket availability for スパマロット Spamalot to no avail but I managed to find a big poster for the show. I'd love it if it made it to Sendai, but I have my doubts.

Let's see what Eric Idle had to say about it.

So instead I wandered over to Ikebukuro to see if I could snag a ticket (or at least a program) to Rocky Horror Picture Show. I DO wish that Metropolis magazine was a little more accurate in their listings. It's all well and good to inform me that the show ends February 12th but it would have benefited me further had they mentioned that the show doesn't begin for two more weeks!

I met up with buddy DJ Mixture (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GUY!) at his pub and I dined on Roast Lamb! Later at another nearby Irish pub, I met up with Yuko & Archie and adorned them with a couple of Nyanpires.

Once again, it's taking ages to upload, so it's off to bed for me! Stay tuned tomorrow for some odds 'n ends and a visit to a Maid Bar!

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