Winer Whiner.

Everyone is familiar with Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, right? Sure she'd taken her shtick from Vampira, but definitely improved upon it in big ways.

This Minxy gal, who likes to teach Japanese to the masses by showcasing her two biggest talents, once took on Elvira. Not a bad impersonation, though not great either.

Elvira responded with her own video and royally pwned the Minx!

Even better is her spoof of Michael Sarah Palin!

A while back, I commissioned Alex's sister (Stacey whose husband is a winer) to see if she could procure me a bottle of Elvira's Macbrenet. Sure 'nuff, I was presented with a bottle of the red liquid last week!

I hope to pop it open soon and if I get a Red cork, I can send it to Elvira for some undisclosed treat!

Oh, yeah. Alex also gave me a pair of Ghostbuster Boxers in which he wrapped the bottle. Very considerate!

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